Sunday, April 5, 2009

Welcome to Live the Lean Life!

Thanks for checking out our brand new blog!

Live the Lean was created by Kevin and Shauna Weiss in order to provide high quality health, fitness and weight loss programs and resources for many different populations.

Scheduled to be released May 1 2009

"Live the Lean Life - for Today's Woman".

As a woman living in the 21st century you probably place the importance of your health and weight loss goals way down on the bottom of your to-do list or maybe not at all. Perhaps you have a demanding full time job or two, a husband, a dog to walk, household chores, a lawn to mow, grocery shopping to do and meals to prepare. And then there are the kids! Play dates, after school activities, swimming lessons, baseball games on the weekend, noses to wipe, wounds to heal, cookies to bake, homework to help with and birthday parties that need planning! Whew! That’s tiring, so who has time to workout and prepare nutritious meals? Sorry to tell you but the consequence of being so selfless could mean a bigger waistline!

Live the Lean Life for Today's Woman will give you all the information you need to stay lean and healthy, achieve your goals weight and feel energized! Menu plans, 20 minute workout routines, recipes, motivation and time management tips are all offered in this complete 21 day program.

In 3 weeks you could be living a leaner life, looking great and feeling even better.

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